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WP5: Joint technology development around SCT and future lepton colliders

1st Periodic Reporting (M1-M18)

  • Drafts & Deadlines:
    • WP5:
      • WP5 Technical Report (docx, pdf): 6 August
      • D5.1. Status report on the software for the SCT detector (docx, pdf) Friday: 23.07.2021
      • Delay explanation for MS27. Kick-off meeting of international collaboration around the SCT detector (docx, pdf): Wednesday, 28.07.2021
        • Draft SCT Memorandum of Partnership (pdf)
      • MS26. Release of the software framework for SCT detector(pdf, docx): Wednesday, 28.07.2021
    • Beneficiaries:
      • Technical Report - Questionnaire for beneficiaries (draft document): 13 August
      • Financial Statement: 15 September

WP5 Partners



WP5 Tasks

  • WP5 Task1. Fostering internationalization and visibility of the SCT project, support of outreach activities related to SCT
    • Partners involved: BINP, CERN, INFN
    • Task leader: Vitaly Vorobyev (BINP)
  • WP5 Task2. Development of collider technologies and fostering synergy between SCT, CLIC, and FCC-ee collider projects
    • Partners involved: CERN, BINP, LAL
    • Task co-leader: Anton Bogomyagkov (BINP), Walid Kaabi (IJCLab), Aleksandr Starostenko (BINP)
  • WP5 Task3. Development of software for the design of an SCT detector
    • Partners involved: BINP, CERN
    • Task co-leader: Andrey Suharev (BINP), Andre Sailer (CERN)
  • WP5 Task4. Development and design of Inner Tracker for the SCT detector
    • Partners involved: BINP, INFN
    • Task co-leader: Giovanni Bencivenni (INFN LNF), Lev Shekhtman (BINP)
  • WP5 Task5. Development and design of Central Tracker for the SCT detector (BINP, INFN)
    • Partners involved: BINP, INFN
    • Task co-leader: Franco Grancagnolo (INFN Lecce), Ivan Logashenko (BINP)
  • WP5 Task6. Development and design of Particle Identification system for the SCT detector (BINP, JLU)
    • Partners involved: BINP, INFN
    • Task co-leader: Mustafa Schmidt (JLU), Alexander Barnyakov (BINP)

WP5 meetings

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WP7 Task 7.4: Detector technology school for young scientists

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