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18/10/2010 - Detector181010 detector19/10/2010 - Collider
1st workshop on physics at SCTFAnaDataObjectsAnaParticleCombiner
AnaUtilityAnalysis variablesAuroraBaseComps
AuroraMasterBuilding 27/1/2C++ coding guidelines
CREMLINplus budgetCREMLINplus kick-off
Ctd-internal-mlDetectorDetector and event visualization
Detector geometry descriptionDetector school CREMLINplusDrift chamber
English versionEvent data modelEvent generators
Event selection frameworkFCCSW modificationsFull simulation
Geometry validation scriptsHEP SoftwareHow-to: Add New EvtGen Decay Model
How-to: Install EvtGen + HepMC + Tauola + PythiaHow-to: MC Generation (RUS)How-to: implement subdetector model
IT projectInclusive particle momentum spectraInner tracker
Internal MainInternal WGs meeting June 2018Internal general coordination meeting 20180907
Internal general software meeting 20180702International workshop May 2018Kinematics tools
List of subscribersMC Data SetsMVN sampling
Main PageMarch 2011March 2011 (English version)
May 2011 (Russian version)Muon systemMuon system simulation
November 2010November 2010 (English version)PID
PID WG meetingsPapas tofParametric simulation
ParticlePhysics WorkshopsPhysics and Simulation WG meetings
Release StructureReportsRoadmap
Russian versionSCT-edmSCT Collaboration structure
SCT Physics Update 2021SCT mailing listsSCT parametric simulation
SCT talksSCT working groups meetingsSctKine
SctParSim (Aurora)SctParSim (python)
SctParSim PackageSctparSim (PAPAS)SimWG Meeting 2018 09 07
Simple SCT parametric simulationSoftware TeamSoftware To-Do List
Software and simulation task listSoftware publicationsTau EDM and g-2
Test pageThe SCT Detector Naming ChallengeTop-10 topics for feasibility studies
Tutorials & how-to'sUse Analysis packageUsing batch system at BINP/GCF
WP5 Task3WP5 Task6Workflow quick reference
Write AURORA/Gaudi algorithmX2goX server settings
Внешнее ПОСтруктура Релиза
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