Using batch system at BINP/GCF

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Batch system usage simplified

The BINP/GCF batch system is Sun Grid Engine.

To submit a job, do:

  1. After login set up your working environment (setupSCTAU, asetup, source build/x86..)
  2. Change to the job working directory
  3. Submit the job using
qsub -cwd -V -b y -shell n progam_name program_parameters

For instance,

qsub -cwd -V -b y -shell n


  • qsub - submit a job
  • -cwd - work in the current directory, also put job' stdout and stderr there (the files will be program_name.oNUMBER and program_name.eNUBMER)
  • -V - transmit environment variables (they were set up at the step 1) into the job
  • -b y -shell n - run program_name as an executable file, do not spawn an extra shell

To check job status, issue


For details please refer to man qsub, man qstat.

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