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The SctParSim package is being developed by the SCT Collaboration. Simple parametric response of the SCT detector is implemented in SctParSim. The main focus of this package are high performance and ease of use. The package is implemented with the python language and uses PODIO as interface for data.


Geometry: primitives and algorithms

Cylindric layer

The Geometry package contains Cylinder and CylindricalLayer classes. Each detector subsystem is an inheritor of the CylindricalLayer. It is assumed the inner and outer cylinders are oriented along the z axis and have common centre in the origin point.


Path is a trajectory of particle in the detector. Path of neutral particles (photons, neutrons), straight line, is described by the Line class. Path of charged particles (electron, muon, pion, kaon, proton), helix, is described by the Helix class. The Line and Helix are designed to have similar interfaces in order to be used in the same algorithms.

Detector model

SCT detector is described in the SctDetector class.


Event looper module

Input data format

Output data format

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