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Class std::ana::Particle is a part of SCT Event selection framework. It represents reconstructed particles in detector as well as unstable particle candidates formed via combination of final-state-particles.

The following constructors are implemented:

  • Default constructor

   Particle(ThreeVector momentum, float mass, int pdgCode, EParticleType particleType=c_Undefined);
   /** All other private members are set to their default values (0). */
   Particle(const FourVector& momentum, int pdgCode, EParticleType particleType=c_Undefined);
   /** Constructor for composite particles. */
   Particle(std::vector<ParticlePtr> daughters, int pdgCode);
   /** Constructor from MC Particle of podio tree */
   Particle(const sct::MCParticle &mcparticle);
   /** Constructor from MC Particle of podio tree  */
   Particle(const sct::Particle &particle, int pdg, size_t partIndex); 


  • int pdgCode()
  • float charge()

   EFlavorType flavorType() const;
   EParticleType particleType() const;
   float mass() const;
   /** Particle nominal mass */
   float pdgMass(void) const;
   float energy() const;
   /** Returns four-momentum vector [px, py, pz, E] */
   FourVector fourMomentum() const;
   const ThreeVector& momentum() const;
   float momentumMagnitude() const;
   /** Returns momentum magnitude (same as getMomentumMagnitude but with shorter name) */
   float p() const;
   float px() const;
   float py() const;
   float pz() const;
   /** Returns vertex position (POCA for charged, IP for neutral FS particles) */
   const ThreeVector& vertex() const;
   float x() const;
   float y() const;
   float z() const;
   size_t mdstIndex() const;


   void set3Momentum(ThreeVector p3);
   void set4Momentum(ThreeVector p3, float mass);
   inline void set4Momentum(const FourVector &p4);
   inline void setVertex(ThreeVector vertex);
   /** Sets 7x7 error matrix (order: px,py,pz,E,x,y,z) */
   void setMomentumVertexErrorMatrix(ErrMatrix errMatrix);
   /** Sets chi^2 probability of fit */
   void setPValue(float pValue);
   void updateMass(int pdgCode);
   void appendDaughter(ParticlePtr daughter);
   void removeDaughter(ParticlePtr daughter);

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