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Workshop on the BINP Super c-τ factory project

A project of the Super c-τ factory (SCTF) has been developed at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP). SCTF is a symmetric electron-positron collider with a peak luminosity of 1035 cm−2 s−1 operating in the center-of-mass energy range from 2 to 5 GeV. Longitudinal polarization of electrons is foreseen at the beam interaction point.


In view of the recent progress of the SCTF project, a two-day workshop will be held on May 26th -27th , 2018 at BINP, immediately after the 9th International Workshop CHARM18.

The main purpose of the workshop is to facilitate cooperation between particle physics and particle detector experts who are interested in working on the detector project for the SCTF. It is a step towards a future experimental collaboration.

The workshop is organized in the following way. The first day is devoted to the overview talks about the physics program, collider and infrastructures. The detailed discussion of the detector subsystems’ options is planned on the second day. The basic topics for the second day are:

  • Tracking system
  • Particle identification
  • Calorimetry
  • Magnet and muon system
  • Trigger and readout
  • Ways to organize collaboration

Several talks on each topic and a round-table style discussion is planned.

Registration for the workshop is already open at Each interested person is welcome to join the workshop. A formal invitation letter for the Russian visa application to be sent upon request. Note that an application for Russian visa should be done in advance. A limited funding to cover travel expenses is available. Requests will be considered by the Organizing Committee.

The organizing committee:

  • Yury Tikhonov (chair)
  • Alexander Bondar
  • Aleksey Vasiljev
  • Vladimir Blinov
  • Simon Eidelman
  • Alexander Barnyakov
  • Vitaly Vorobyev (secretary, contact person)

The first meeting of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) of the Super c-τ factory project is scheduled at BINP in the same dates. The IAC is composed of the following experts

  • Hisaki Hayashii (Nara, Japan)
  • Alberto Lusiani (Pisa, Italy)
  • William Marciano (Brookhaven, USA)
  • Massimo Passera (Padova, Italy)
  • Antonio Pich (Valencia, Spain)
  • Michael Roney (Victoria, Canada)
  • Felix Sefkow (DESY, Hamburg, Germany)
  • Achim Stahl (Aachen, Germany)
  • Zbigniew Was (Krakow, Poland)
  • Chang-Zheng Yuan (Beijing, China)

Useful links for the Super c-τ factory project:

Contact us via e-mail: (Vitaly Vorobyev, BINP).

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