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Школа для молодых ученых по детекторным технологиям

Проведение школы заявлено в рамках проекта CREMLINplus. Формулировка из Заявки проекта CREMLINplus на Horizon 2020:

Task 7.4: Training and school for young scientists on particle detection technologies (BINP, CERN) M6-M18
An important result from the development and construction activities within WP7 is the training the next generation of particle and neutron detector experts in Russia but also at the involved European institutes. Skills will be passed between institutes involved in WP7 and WP5, which is invaluable experience for all involved and allows cross-over between the disciplines (e.g. with high energy nuclear detector physics, WP2 NICA). Attracting and training young scientists in Russia for future experiments (at SCT or elsewhere) is a key objective for future research facilities. To this aim a school for young Russian scientists on particle detection technologies will be held at BINP. Young researchers will be trained in a variety of state-of-the art particle detector technologies and related specialisations (on-detector electronics, data transmission, engineering aspects). The school will also include hands-on exercises on a variety of detector technologies. A patronage arrangement with the international European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA) Detector Panel will be negotiated.

Состав организационных комитетов

Местный оргкомитет

  • Барняков А.Ю.
  • Барняков М.Ю.
  • Бобровников В.С.
  • Воробьев В.С.
  • Кононов С.А.
  • Кравченко Е.А.
  • Кузьмин А.С.
  • Соколов А.В.

Международный оргкомитет

BINP: Sergey Kononov, Vitaly Vorobiev
CERN: Lucie Linssen, Dominik Dannheim (tbd)
ESS: Richard Hall-Wilton
INFN Bari: Nicola De Filippis
INFN Lecce: Margherita Primavera
GSI/FAIR: Christian Schmidt, Jürgen Eschke
JINR: Otilia Culicov
JLU Giessen: Michael Dürren, Mustafa Schmidt

Встречи и материалы

Meeting on detector school at CREMLINplus kick-off

Дата: 20.02.2020

Внутренняя встреча в ИЯФ по CREMLINplus

Дата: 27.08.2020

WP7 Kick-off meeting

Дата: 04.09.2020

1-е собрание местного оргкомитета

Дата: 11.09.2020

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