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The Analysis module implements all tools needed for:

  • Selection the final-state-particles reconstructed in the detector
  • Construction arbitrary decay tree
  • Imposing selection criteria
  • Applying kinematic fit to the decay tree (TODO)
  • Saving flat ntuple for the selected candidates

The decay language

An easy to read and to write string description of particle decay is used in the Analysis package. Particle names correspond to EvtGen naming scheme. The following strings are valid decay expressions:

"D0 -> K- pi+"
"D0 -> [rho0 -> pi+ pi-] pi0"

As it is seen from the examples, a decay may or may not contain right-hand side. Left-hand and right-hand sides are separated by arrow "->". Spaces around the arrow are optional.

The cuts language

AuroraMaster interface

The simplest way to write an analysis job option is using the AuroraMaster interface with the Analysis component.

Low level interface

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