The SCT Detector Naming Challenge

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SCT Detector naming suggestions
Name Comment Author (optional)
CENTAURUS Vladimir Blinov
CENTAU Vladimir Blinov
MAD MAgnetic Detector Denis Epifanov
MAChTa (MACT) Magnetic Apparatus for Charm and Tau Denis Epifanov
MEChTa (MECT) Magnetic Equipment for Charm and Tau Denis Epifanov
PGD Pretty Good Detector Denis Epifanov
UDCT Universal Detector for Charm and Tau Denis Epifanov
USPEH Universal SPEctrometer for cHarm and tau Denis Epifanov
BUS Big Universal Spectrometer Denis Epifanov
SPECTR SPEctrometer for Charm and Tau in Russia Ivan Logashenko
CHATEAU CHarm and Tau Experiment ApparatUs Ivan Logashenko
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